Oedipus’s down flaw


        I found the story of Oedipus the king very interesting.  I couldn’t help but notice throughout reading the whole story that he had a series problem, which was his anger issue.  I realize that Oedipus is an angry person according to how he reacts to situations.  Even though, it’s not always shown that he is angry, but it always shows how his reactions to certain situations were irrational.  His anger was expressed throughout the story, for example; first, when Oedipus killed a human even though he didn’t know that this person was his father, second, when he got mad at Tiresias for telling him that he was the murderer, last, when his anger drove him to suspect his dearest friend, Creon, and pushed him into wanting to kill Creon.  Oedipus is a rational person that was put into shocking situations that made him act in an irrational way.

          Anger caused Oedipus to make the gravest mistake for a trivial reason.  His anger and his pride made him believe that murdering a human for a ridicules reason isn’t a big deal.  Just because King Laius stood in Oedipus’s way, made Oedipus kill him.  Oedipus didn’t even remember that he killed this person, as quoted in the story,

  •  Oedipus: I think I’ve just called down a dreadful curse upon myself – I simply didn’t know
  • Jocasta: what are you saying? I shudder to look at you.
  • Oedipus: I have a terrible fear the blind seer can see. I’ll know in a moment….”

(Line 820) Karma took revenge on Oedipus, for thinking that killing a human is not worthy, by finishing up the story with this human who has been killed for a trivial reason, is Oedipus’s real father.

          Another example that illustrates how angry Oedipus’s reaction was when Tiresias told him that he was the murderer, as quoted in the story,

  • Tiresias: Didn’t you understand, just now? Or are you tempting me to talk?
  • Oedipus: No, I can’t say I grasped your meaning out with it, again.
  • Tiresias: I say you are the murderer you hunt
  • Oedipus: That obscenity twice _ by god, you’ll pay.
  • Tiresias: Shall I say more, so you can really rage?
  • Oedipus: much as you want, your words are nothing futile”

(Line 409).  His reaction to his words was full of danger.  He told him that he couldn’t keep it up and that his words were lies.  He was terrified of what Tiresias told him and was very angry at the fact that he said anything.

       Anger had drove Oedipus to suspect Creon even though Creon was Oedipus’s loyalist friend (soldier) which pushed Oedipus into wanting to murder Creon thinking that he is decreasing danger On his position from the crime. “Oedipus: o power, wealth, and empire, skill outstripping skill in the heady rivalries of life, what envy lurks inside you! Just for this, the crown the city gave me – I never sought it, they laid it in my hands- for this alone, Creon, the soul of trust, my loyal friend the start steals against me… so hungry to overthrow me the sets this wizard on me, this scheming quack, this fortune- teller peddling lies, eyes peeled for his own profit- seer blind in his craft!…”(Line 435) his anger also made him doubt the words of a man of god, which he cannot do because a prophet is the purest man back then. To prove this situation, when Tiresias told Oedipus that he’s the murderer Oedipus became angry.”… And this is the man you’d try to overthrow? You think you’ll stand by Creon when he’s king? You and the great mastermind- you’ll pay in tears, I promise you, for this, this witch-hunt. If you didn’t look so senile the lash would teach you what your scheming means!”(Line 455) Therefore, he accused Tiresias and Creon of setting up this trick to send him into exile, so that Creon would become king. If it was not for Jocasta, Creon, would have been dead by now. Anger played an important role in directing Oedipus of killing another human being.

          Anger has shaped the way Oedipus has made his choices throughout the play.  The irrational way he dealt with his problems was based on his anger and pride.  Anger caused Oedipus to murder and suspects his dearest friend.  As a result to his anger, not only he ended up with a dull life, but also he lost his treasuries life, children, and sight.



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