From Sophocles to the Middle Ages Lab Activity

1) When did the Greek Empire finally fall? Who were they conquered by?

 The Greek empire finally fell in 168 BC to the Romans.

2) Explain when and why the Roman Empire fell?

There are believers to single factors, but more people think a combination of such factors as christianty, decadence, lead, monetary trouble, and military problems caused the fall of the Rome.  Grand stupidity and chance could be added to the list.  Even the rise of Islam proposed as the reason for Romes’s fall.  Fall of Rome happened at Constantinople in A.D. 1453

Quest #1) Why did the fall of Rome create disorder in Europe?

Disorder happened in Europe and people began fighting about who will take the throne and rule the empire.

Quest #2.) How did Frankish rulers such as Charlemagne gain control of Western Europe?

 King Charlimagne was crowned emperor by the Pope, when he rushed to Rome to support Leo.

Quest #3.) How did Charlemagne create an empire that blended several different traditions? 

He combined different cultures by Christianity and forming churches.

Quest # 4.) What were the roles of different members of society such as; knights, vassals, lords, serfs, and merchants? 

 Knights were responsible for the king’s safety and the king gave land for the nobles and the peasants lived in manors and worked on farming to pay the king taxes.

Quest # 6.) What was the role of the Church and Papacy during the Early Middle Ages? 

The papacy and the church made a lot of things available to the people like they taught people how to read and write and provided shelter, medicine, and kept people from poverty.

Quest # 7) Draw a map showing how Europe looked before Charlemagne, at the end of his reign, and at the time of William the Conqueror in 1066 AD.\





Quest # 8) What effect did the Viking raids have on Europe during the Middle Ages?

It left the area afraid from the attacks and ruined it.

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